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Zelda 1-3 - I've finally been making some progress on this project in 2019. While I hold Zelda 1 in high regard in terms of game design, I'm older now and have lost some of my interest in games. This project is turning into some kind of manga thing instead because I still enjoy noodling with world design.
Metroid 1 - The only Metroid game which counts. I don't know what you young wippersnappers are doing with your 16 bits and 3D polygons but I don't like it one bit! Back in my day we got lost in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.
Megaman Legends - I like both the NES Megaman games and the Legends series so this page is a bit mixed. It's separate universes in my headcanon though.
Wing Commander - I used to play this on my A1200 and mostly remember the frustration of fleeing Kilrathi aces, escort missions, and asteroid belts. I think it was the rich and immersive world presentation which kept me so attached.
Famicube - NES sprites often feel like they could use just one or two extra "accent" colours and that prompted me to start this project. I wanted to design a NES 1.5 but went overboard flailing... qui- quite a bit.
SEGA cube - The Sega Master System has interesting specs too. I like the 16 colour restriction. With a better sound chip, palette and more memory it could be a very appealing development platform. I think I did a better job with the cube case design here than for the Famicube project.
Sony & Spyro - Another interesting hobby development system could be the Playstation. There's nothing out there which focuses on a lowpoly aesthetic. With some buffed specs, a keyboard and BASIC it could be easy to develop for.
Starsiege Tribes & Retro PC - Two related projects.

Sept. 2, 2021: This website is my way of sharing whatever I'm passionate about from day to day and it has grown quite a bit over the years. I've had people asking if they could support me in some way, so now I've finally made a Patreon account where I will be showing WIP projects, workflow thoughts, hirez images, and more intimate stuff. I set it to 18+ because of occasional pantsu. Anyways, financial support would allow me to continue normal operations *beep boop*.


Recent-ish updates: 40K-23 page updated a bit at bottom. Put some additional pixel-overs at the bottom of the SEGA Cube page. Minor update to Metroid page (a few new M3 sprites). Amiga 1001. Updated Zelda page with new Z2 & OoT concepts. A new 40K page. Big thanks to all my Patrons who enable me to do this stuff. Pixel-over page. Traveller page. Castlevania page. KiCAD page. A step towards realizing some of my electronics projects. Some new image (links) on Marathon page. Updated Star Trek page. New Solar Jetman and Fester's Quest page. New UQM 2021 page with a touch of Starflight. Metroid page has new M2 stuff. JoysII. Minor polish to old Kawaiik sheets. Compact Amiga A770 keyboard progress. Master of Orion A500 port subpage. Tesserae Terra.

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