Digimon project

Core idea

In "Isekai" type animé the main protagonist is whisked away to an exotic world, sometimes a digital MMO game world made more or less real. In Digimon, the Digidestined (human protagonists) are taken to the digital world where they befriend the wild Digimon, but I'd like to do something different. The protagonists instead reside in the fantasy world (which may or may not be a real-ish digital RPG world), and the powerful Digimon then appear in that world. So, no Earth and more of a cross pollination of "game" worlds.

The fantasy world a very basic, almost dull place inhabited by elves and generic monsters, contrasting the colourful and exotic Digimon designs. The locals who first encounter the powerful Digimon become Digidestined and each try to change the world. The rare Digimon eventually become "My-Otome"-like super weapons capable of driving back armies and toppling kingdoms.


The generic local monsters make the Digimon stand out by lacking colour, fancy embroideries, exotic shapes and cartoony proportions. Elves from an evil empire serve as antagonists (Storm Troopers) used to demonstrate how powerful a Digimon is facing a small army. Elven citizens in general are poor and not well equipped, wearing drab clothes.

Digitamamon, Butterflamon, Darumon, Ebidramon, Seadramon Gomamon, Tentomon, Renemon, Shellmon, Rukamon, Petdevimon, Impmon, Vegimon, Karatukimon, Numamon, Lady Devimon, Angewomon, Babydmon, Betamon, Otamamon.

Digivice, Cyclomon, Gotsumon, Vademon, Shellmon, Infermon, Diablomon, Tsumemon, Keromon, Bakemon, Motimon, Puyomon, Rosemon X, Raremon, Numemon, Bubbmon, Datamon, Piyomon, Meramon.

Yuramon, Tanemon, Budmon, Lalamon, Sunflowmon, Palmon, Rosemon, Andromon, Sistermon, Luminomon, Kyarimon, Puyo, Agumon, Kabuterimon, Tsukaimon, Xiaomon, Dorimon, Vikaralamon, Gesumon, Nyokimon, Jyarimon, Gummymon, Paomon, Tokomon, Mamemon.

Spadamon, Chamelemon, Prariemon, Goburimon, Orgemon, Gargomon, Chackmon, Aegiochusmon, Pajiramon, Veemon, Fangmon, Plotmon, Togemon.

Drimogemon, Deathmon, Dobermon, Digmon, Armadillomon.

Character sketches.

Is there a way to work in battle maids? Many Tamers might be needed in order to cover all forms of Digimon in a world where they are rare and not wild encounters. Digimon might spawn out of the Digivices (the way the toy works, creating an egg).

Jagamon, Fairymon, Greymon, Imperialdramon, Kinkakumon, Chohakkaimon, Andiramon, Lopmon, Cutemon, Kamemon, Beelstarmon.

Story rough

An ominous purple night sky serves as a backdrop for a temple structure of some sort. Atop, a lone figure performs a ritual, desperately attempting to summon an undefined otherworldly saviour. These are dark times.

Things crackle and pop, and the summoner faints from pain. It's unclear if the ritual was finished properly. Then, several cyclonic portals open in the sky, across the entire land it seems. Pieces of something comes through, strings... ribbons? They're damaged and broken up, but eventually coalesce.

Break to daytime some other day. An army lead by a mounted shining knight tramples through the main street of a medieval looking city. Curious people line the sidewalks. A Street Urchin (hereby "SU") tries to sneak a peek, but a pompous nobleman kicks him into a dirty alley. SU scurries into the darkness clutching a piece of fruit. The nobleman has turned to a robed figure, revealing in whispers something about going ahead with a coup now when the army is away. Camera rises roof level and we see the robed figure rushing off towards a nice walled castle district in the background, but the camera instead follows the army snaking out the city gates, past the walls of the outer city.

A messenger rider pulls up aside the shining knight.

"Sur Egerion", she pants, "Here's the latest scout report. This warband is about the size of the last one. Mainly vaettir, undead rabble and a few lizardmen. However, this time they're towing a massive covered wagon, likely containing a crude siege engine."

This monster season has been worse than usual and strange things have been happening the past week. Nevertheless, the amassed army should be able to deal with the warband. They will ambush and crush them before the warband gets a chance to set up their siege.

We don't get to see the battle.

Back to SU in the back of some storage/shed. SU squats/kneels. There's something on a string around the neck, but hidden. "It's okay to come out, I brought food... here, look." SU reaches into the darkness. "It's okay, I'm not hungry. You eat it." Two glowing eyes peer back. A blobby creature comes into the light. It eats the fruit, then jumps into SU's embrace, looking content. Suddenly a door slams open. "Hey you can't be here!" A big figure chases SU out. SU zig-zags through a crowd shielding the Blob in cloth.

An carriage swerves as SU comes rushing out in front. It carries the Pampered Princess (hereby "PP") who scowls at SU, ordering her escort guards to teach the little rat a lesson. PP hates this filthy part of the city.

Suddenly arrows appear out of nowhere, killing several of PP's guards. Down with the Etomans they yell. "It's a coup! Defend the Princess!". SU, now in an alley, watches PP's guards fall. One of the guards is killed shielding PP rushing into SU's alley.

Two figures quickly follow, blocking the alley exit. "Heh, there she is." Backlit, the silhouettes brandishes their weapons. SU steps in front of PP. The aggressors push ahead, creating tension. SU stands firm. "You'll have to go through-"

SU is kicked aside. Swords are raised. The aggressors make a remark about the royal family being dealt with. Big grins. PP eyes swell.

Suddenly, Blob appears. "What the heck is that? Huh?" Blob starts shining! Blob evolves into... !

One aggressor squints down at something on the ground. "Well, it doesn't look very danger-"

One aggressor after the other come flying out of the alley. SU and PP are stunned by Blob II's appearance (a chubby yellow cat) and powerful stance. SU grabs a frozen PP and they all rush out of the alley. The streets are in panic. PP also has something hanging from a string around the neck...

New scene up in the castle where Clearly Evil Guy and Madam observe their handy work. "Good work Krauk... no, General Krauk!" says CEG. Turncoat Krauk apparently got a sudden promotion. "The returning battle-worn soldiers should fall in line without too much fuzz, and I'm sure the... deterrents we put on display will be effective."

It's getting late and the sky is turning orange. A guard appears. "Sur CEG! There's a runner at the inner gate! Should we let her in?" "Aaah. A report from the battle already? I hope it didn't go too well, we need them... a bit softened up. Let her in."

The runner (messenger from before) is escorted through the now disorderly castle, confused. "Where's the King and Queen?"

"Right here." CEG says with a smirk.

"But you're not-" The runner gets nervous realising what's going on, but the message is too urgent for it to matter.

"We lost. We lost everything."


"They... they had a land-dragon in tow. It destroyed us. It's already advancing on the city. They-"

There's a booming roar and CEG looks out a window. A segment of the outer city wall crumbles in fire. Something pours in and a large silhouette can be seen.

"Lock the inner gates! Man the walls!"

The runner wonders what will become of the people of the outer city, but such things do not concern CEG. CEG thought this coup would be simple, but what now? The larger inner walls will stand, surely? But how long will their supplies last?

SU, Blob II and PP are not alone in trying to reach the safety of the inner city, and have to give up. And with the coup in play it would be unwise for PP to announce her identity. SU speculates that perhaps its safest to leave the city through one of the tunnels. A reluctant PP follows. They grab some food from a knocked over food stand and barely escape the warband's forces which have poured into the city.

They go through the tunnels (along with other people), and Blob II helps fighting off some lizardmen blocking the exit before the group barely escapes into the night, scattering. PP and SU heads up into a cliffy/mountain region where they can hide.

PP is lost, shook and angry, being in this abnormal situation. The next day they begin a journey to a nearby city where PP has contacts. On their way there, PP notices the Digivice SU carries in a strap around the neck. She wonders how SU could possibly have a fancy amulet like hers. Just found it? Well, so did she, but still.

SU shows PP how to use her Digivice, making an egg appear. PP wonders what it's for. Why can't it make diamonds or something fancy? It'll be a surprise, SU smirks, trying to cheer PP up. You'll see.

They stop in a poor town on the way. PP is not showing much initiative after her world was destroyed, and is beginning to look quite disheveled and worn.

SU takes the initiative, offering to redo PP braids. SU once had a sister and used to do hers. When PP presses SU on the whereabouts of this sister, SU tells a gloomy story. SU's family once lived in a nice countryside mansion. Perhaps they were low-ranking nobles. One day the mansion was usurped by a rival family, or perhaps slavers, SU was pretty young then. SU's family was put in chains. SU alone escaped and never saw the family again.

As SU begins doing PP's braids, the motions of it breaks down some wall in her mind. Fragmentary flashbacks. The face of a... sibling?

"...Ren?" asks PP, looking at SU.

Wha... what? Toka?

Toka... that was... my name?

Of course, PP is the sister, now perhaps 10 years older. The King and Queen were responsible for the kidnapping and performed some sort of mind-rewrite ritual on PP. In a flashback the King, Queen and shady guy are coldly discussing PP who is strapped into a chair. Turns out the King & Queen were childless and needed an heir for bureaucratic reasons when taking the throne. PP just happened to look like she could be related (which generally means same hair colour in animé). Perhaps they had planned to get rid of PP later to stay in power. They were not very nice attentive parents, more using her as a display piece.

At this moment PP's egg hatches. This is the moment or rebirth for PP. She too sheds a shell of some sort, losing the fancy dress in favour of some kind of light armour. PP names her Digimon after a little pesky dog that terrorised her as a kid.

Later PP & SU return to the the besieged city with their rookie-level (3/5) Digimon and liberate it, meeting up with new digidestined characters here and there. There's Badguy Turns Good, Suspicious Salaryman, (Not) Clueless Ditz, Jovial Barbarian, etc.

Art by Arne Niklas Jansson